ADP Professional Certification - Frequently Asked Questions


ADP Professional Certification 

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the difference between a Professional Certification and a Product Specialist Certification?  


A professional certification and a product specialist certification are both types of certifications that can be awarded to individuals. However, they differ in scope and purpose. 

A professional certification is a broader certification that focuses on an individual's knowledge, skills, and experience in a specific field or profession. The purpose of a professional certification is to demonstrate an individual's competence and commitment to the field, and to provide assurance to employers and clients that the individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively. 

A product specialist certification, on the other hand, is a narrow and specific certification that focuses on an individual's knowledge and expertise in a particular product or product category. The purpose of a product specialist certification is to recognize an individual's expertise in the product and to demonstrate their ability to optimize features and troubleshoot issues related to the product. 


Am I eligible to register for the Accountant Connect or the ADP Leading Standout Teams: Certified Standout Leader exam?  

For Accountant Connect the minimum requirement are completion of the Coursera program ‘Accountant Connect’ and that you are a use of the accountant connect tool and have a minimum of one ADP client.  

Certified Standout Leader Exam takers must first complete the self-guided, preparatory materials located on the Coursera program ‘Leading Standout Teams Specialization’,  before they are eligible to purchase the exam. Additionally, we recommend having a minimum of 6 months in a leadership type of role. It can be with direct or indirect reports. 

These programs are currently only open to Coursera users that are English speaking and do not reside in a country sanctioned by the US Government.   

What happens after I register for my exam? 

You'll receive access to your exam within 2 weeks after purchase. Your exam will be in a learning path. It will contain a module for the exam.  

What happens after I take the exam?  

You'll receive a score report at the end of the exam indicating whether you received a Pass or Fail grade.    

The passing score for the ADP certification exams is a minimum score of 80%. The criteria for the exam and the passing score were derived from a combination of subject matter expert opinions based on minimal competence and observations about how well the exams differentiate between high-performing and low-performing candidates.    

Can I find out whether I answered specific questions correctly or incorrectly?  

To maintain the integrity of the exam, questions and answers won’t be made available.   

You will be able to see which sections based on the topic area, you need to review in order to pass in the results.  

When or how will I receive my certificate and badge?  

  • ADP Professional Certificate - A copy of your completion certificate can also be downloaded from myLearning at ADP "Achievements" tab.    

  • Digital Badge - You will receive an email from notifying you that ADP issued you a new badge within 1-2 weeks after earning your certification. Follow the steps on this video on how to accept, manage and share your accomplishment!  You can also download a copy of your digital certificate.   

How long is my certification valid?  

Your ADP Standout Leader Certification is valid for three (3) calendar years from the exam date.  The Accountant Connect Certification is valid for there (3) years or as long as you continue to use the Accountant Connect platform. 

How do I maintain my certification?   

ADP Accountant Connect: In order to maintain your Accountant Connect Certification you must maintain access to and continue to you the Accountant Connect Platform with ADP clients.  

ADP Certified Standout Leader: Earning your certification is a big step and as an ADP Certified Standout Leader, you must demonstrate continued competence in using your new skills.  To make it easy for you to maintain your certification, we will email you a task aide "Maintaining Your ADP Standout Leader Certification Status" after passing the exam. This document outlines the requirements to maintain your certification and the activities could include:  

  • Utilizing the Standout Teams SaaS Products regularly within an organization for a min of a year   

Either 10 hrs. in one of the following activities or a combination of 10 hrs. total across all 3 activities.   

  • Completion of 10 hrs. of ADP Standout courses on Coursera. Provide Completion Certificates from Coursera.   

  • Participating in any ADP Client Conference such as Pro Conference or Meeting of the Minds. Leaders will be required to submit proof of attendance or participation as well as proof that the conference was longer than 10 hrs.  

  • Participation in a Leadership Focused Conference or event. Leaders will be required to submit proof of attendance or participation as well as proof that the conference was longer than 10 hrs.  

What do I do if my online exam is interrupted or if I experience technical issues?   

Try the following:   

  1. Refresh your web browser to return to the exam. Make sure your answers are saved before continuing with the exam.  

  1. Reconnect to the Internet and log back into myLearning at ADP. Follow your original instructions to access the exam. Make sure you start where you left off. 

If the above steps do not work, contact our team by sending an email to  We will respond to you within 24-48 hours with a resolution.   

What is your exam integrity policy?   

ADP is dedicated to keeping the highest levels of security, integrity, and validity for all our examination programs. We maintain the integrity of the ADP Professional Certification Program by ensuring that:  

  1. Only qualified individuals pass our exams and earn ADP Professional certifications.  

  1. No candidate has an unfair advantage over another.  

  1. Exam content is secure and not shared or posted to a public forum.  

Exam takers are reminded of these responsibilities during the Exam Acknowledgement, which is presented immediately prior to beginning an exam.   

Candidates who violate the Agreement, or any Certification policies or requirements will have disciplinary action taken against them.   

What is your exam rescheduling and refund policy?  

Please reference the professional certifications refund policy and exam extensions policy.  

What is your retake policy?  

Please reference the professional certifications retake policy.  

For Employers: How can I verify the authenticity of my employee’s certification?   

We maintain a database of those who are certified however we cannot legally share that information. Every candidate who passes the exam is provided with an official certificate from ADP and a digital badge. We recommend that employers ask for proof of certification by requiring that the candidate provide a copy of their certificate and/or a link to their digital badge.   

**Please note: As per consultation with our Legal Department we are unable to accept tax exemptions on any certification packages as our only accepted form of payment is credit card. We cannot accept checks or bill a client’s account for the certification program.