RUN Powered by ADP® Payroll for Partners exams are available year round. Registration for ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Vantage HCM® exams will reopen in fall 2021.

Collection: RUN Powered by ADP®

Welcome to your ADP Professional Certification journey! Upon successful completion, you will be recognized as a Certified Partner in RUN Powered by ADP , increase your earnings potential, and expand your career opportunities. In addition to your certification, you will receive a digital badge through Acclaim that you can share on social media!

Certified Partner for RUN Powered by ADP Knowledge areas

Getting Started

  • Onboarding through OTTO
  • RUN security/user roles
  • New client forms
  • Company groups

Processing Payroll

  • Payroll frequency
  • Payroll calendar
  • Earnings and deductions
  • Tax overrides
  • Paycheck Calculator
  • Tax deposit frequencies and due dates

Employee Maintenance

  • Input direct deposit
  • Input tax withholding
  • Verify input
  • Add and terminate employees
  • Update or edit employee information

RUN Reports

  • Wage and Tax Register
  • Custom reports
  • Payroll Liability Report

Manual Checks, Voids, and Reversals

  • Off-cycle payroll
  • Manual checks
  • Void a check
  • Void a payroll
  • Enter fringe benefits

Quarter-End and Year-End

  • Quarter-close deadlines
  • Verify employee totals
  • Verify company information
  • Run last payroll for quarter
  • Verify and correct quarterly totals
  • Tax forms
  • Statements of deposit
  • Filing taxes

Working with ADP

  • Who to contact
  • Tax reconciliation
  • Reclose and reversal
  • Funding and timing of payroll debits
  • Help and Support in RUN

 Sales for RUN Powered by ADP

  • Building a Value Proposition
  • Grow and Market
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Practice Questions

Note: You may use any of the tools and resources at your disposal during the exam. When you start the exam, a 3-hour timer begins. You will not be able to pause the exam or save the exam and return later. 

Things to bear in mind:

  • The exam is based on concepts and experiences that should be familiar to a proficient practitioner with at least six months’ experience using RUN Powered by ADP®. 
  • The concepts and topic sections of the exam are derived from a training analysis study.
  • You may be required to answer questions about features that your firm doesn’t frequently or currently use.

 Duration:  3 Hours  Language: English


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