RUN for Partners Certified Specialist

RUN for Partners Certified Specialist

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The ADP Professional Certification Program sets the standard for excellence in the use and application of ADP solutions. Certification from the industry leader proves that participants have the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to perform critical human resources and related tasks.

The certification consists of 2 parts:

Part 1. Sales Training 

Part 2. RUN for Partners Certified Specialist Exam


Exam Description and Topics

The RUN for Partners Certified Specialist exam is made up of multiple-choice questions and is based on concepts and experiences that should be familiar to a proficient RUN Partner Firms with at least six months’ experience using RUN Powered by ADP®. The concepts and topic areas of the exam are derived from a training analysis study.

The exam contains the following focus areas: 

I. Getting Started with RUN Powered by ADP®

II. Processing Your Payroll 

III. RUN Reports 

IV. Employee Maintenance

V. Quarter & Year-End Tasks

VI. Manual Checks, Voids and Reversals 

VII. Working with ADP