Certified Human Resources Specialist in ADP Workforce Now®

Certified Human Resources Specialist in ADP Workforce Now®

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The ADP Certified Product Specialist Program sets the standard for excellence in the use and application of ADP solutions. This program establishes standards for professional knowledge and practical experience in using and applying ADP solutions. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • You must be a current ADP client practitioner in the WorkForce Now Product with practitioner access. 
  • You must have a minimum of 6 months in the product and have gone through one full year end cycle. 

See the Policies here and for the FAQ go here.

Preparation Course and Study Resources

This 9 week Learning Plan will help you prepare for the Certified Human Resources Specialist in ADP Workforce Now Exam. The program is made up of self-paced study, a virtual instructor led session and optional office hours. It requires you to spend approximately 1-2 hours/week for 7 weeks to complete the courses in your assigned learning path in myLearning at ADP. The plan also includes an optional self-study week. In week 8 (or sooner), you will complete the practice exam, and then in week 9, the certification exam itself. The certification exam is assigned to you the first business morning after passing the practice exam with a score of 85% or higher. The final exam is assigned between 10 AM EST and 1 PM EST and you will be notified when it is assigned. 

Topics include preparing for the ADP Certified Human Resource Specialist Exam, maintaining employee information such as the impact of changing an employee’s status, transferring employees, and effective dating. 

Exam Description and Topics

The ADP Certified Human Resources Specialist in ADP Workforce Now exam is made up of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions and is based on concepts and experiences that should be familiar to a proficient Human Resources practitioner with at least six months’ experience using ADP Workforce Now. The concepts and topic areas of the exam are derived from a training analysis study. 

The approximate percentage of questions in each area is shown in the following list:

I. Maintaining Company Settings (45%)

II. New Hire Onboarding Tasks (20%)

III. Maintaining Employee Status (10%)

IV. Changing Employee Information (15%)

V. Using Manager Self Service (10%)